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FOR SALE—1918 Coupe with Brass Radiator ( looks like 1915).Aux. trans , distributor, oil pump. 1923 Tudor sedan. $14,000 for both.
Call Bruce Hoger, 303-882-0723
* * * * *

FOR SALE—1924 TT truck new engine and transmission, new tires & bearing in real nice shape call Peter Green 713-591-2086. (1/18)
* * * * *

FOR SALE—Tandem car trailer with winch $3800. Good shape call Peter Green at 713-591- 2086 (1/18)
* * * * *

FOR SALE—1926 Ford Coupe. Starts, runs, good seat, needs work, Colorado title in process, $6500. B.J. Esthay, 303 594-4097
* * * * *

*FOR SALE—Front axles, front and rear radius rods, two 25-27 Closed Car windshield frames, a NEW 26-27 coupe lower back panel, $62 new,
only $30, fairly clean 25-27 hood, rough but fixable hoods, fenders, some odd stuff and a Model AA truck transmission. Please call Brian at 303- 680-3727
* * * * *

FOR SALE—’26 Roadster with wire wheels, KC Warford, Rocky Mt. brakes, alternator, water pump, new radiator, and Hubbie High Power head.
‘26 Touring with wire wheels, and Ruckstell. Also extra engine and wood wheels. Asking $20K for all of it
Larry Grammon Larry.Grammon@blackhillscorp.com 719-275-9656 or 719-269-0885

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