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Calendar of Events


August Board Meeting—Meeting will be run through email. To get on the thread,
email Brian Golden, bgolden71@msn.com

*August 12, 10 am-2pm—Car Games
Meet at the Wagon Road park-n-ride, 600
west 120th Westminster, CO (near the
Cracker Barrel) at 9 am. From there we will
drive to 1006 Weld County Road 11

*September 4, 10am, Labor Day—
Louisville Fall Festival Parade.

*September 9, 9 am— Arvada Harvest
Festival, Saturday. Contact Gary Giaratano

*September 10, 10am—All Fords Day at
Sheridan High School

September 22, 7pm—General Meeting at
Echo Park. Friday. Use the west lot by the
former steak house.

*October 7, 10 am - 2 pm—Palmer Lake
Tour. Starts and ends at the Elizabeth Walmart.

*October 14. – 9:30/10—Head gasket
seminar, lby Ron Jackson. 4644 Vance
Dr., Arvada. Coffee and Donuts, 9:30.
Seminar proper, 10.

* Designates a points tour*

Download calendar spreadsheet of planned events and tour partiipants for 2017 here:

Planned Events 2017

2017 Tour Participants

Here are instructions for securing the car signs to your Model T windows: Securing car sigs.pdf

Presidents Message For August 2017

Friends of the Model T:

Friends of the Model T:
Chapter members that attended Fords at the Fort and the Fairmount Car Show had it made in the shade. We had a good turnout for both shows and I’m fairly sure Mel May’s ‘17 Roadster was the oldest car at Fairmount. Car Games is on Saturday, August 12. Last year I was one of a group of members that did not bring a car but helped with events, marveled at the skill of drivers and was glad we did not need to clean egg off radiators. This event is a lot of fun for drivers and spectators as well.

The August cluc meeting will be Friday, 8/25/17 at Echo Park at 7:00p.m. Gary Giarratano has arranged for a presentation about India.*

I still have a few hatpins. I also have 3 blue ballcaps with the chapter’s Pedal Pushers logo, and 1967-2017 on the side. If you would like a ballcap and you have not been able to get to a chapter event this year, please call or email (bgolder71@MSN.com) and I send out our remaining 50th anniversary stuff.

Lastly, do not miss the article in the July/August issue of Vintage Ford Magazine about our 50th Anniversary Picnic.

Safe Travels,

Brian Golden