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Calendar of Events


*October 7, 10 am - 2 pm—Palmer Lake
Tour. Starts and ends at the Elizabeth Walmart. See page 5 for details.

October 14. – 9:30/10—Head gasket seminar, by Ron Jackson. 7644 Vance Dr., Arvada. Coffee and Donuts, 9:30. Seminar proper at 10.

*October 28, Noon—General Meeting,
Saturday. Lunch at Tia Maria’s at 7260 Pecos. November 17, 7pm—General Meeting, third Friday, Echo Park

December 15, 7pm—General Meeting, third Friday, Echo Park. GIFT EXCHANGE!

* Designates a points tour*

Download calendar spreadsheet of planned events and tour partiipants for 2017 here:

Planned Events 2017

2017 Tour Participants

Here are instructions for securing the car signs to your Model T windows: Securing car sigs.pdf

Presidents Message For October 2017

Friends of the Model T:

The race is on. I updated the worksheet I use to track Chapter tour points. There are several members who are in the race for 2017. Mel and Mark May took Mel’s 1917 roadster to the Sheridan H.S. All Ford event and the Landmark
Lincoln Ford Product car show. The other Ts at these 2 events did not belong to members so Mel is now a co-leader in the 2017 tour points race. The points worksheet is on our website. The Palmer Lake Tour, the October general meeting lunch and the Veterans Day Parade will decide who gets the most points for 2017.

We have booked The Forney Museum meeting room for the January Banquet. The event will be Saturday, 1/27/18 from 11:00 to 1:00. More details will be included in the November Newsletter.

I joined our Chapter in 2010. Each year since the Board members have made telephone calls in the fall to provide updates and request volunteers for next year’s Board. I understand from folks who have been members for decades that this practice started a long time ago. In recent years the Board members have had little success getting in touch
with Chapter members. We are going to try a different approach this year. In early October you should receive a letter from the Board.

Make sure to RSVP for the Head Gasket Seminar on 10/14. When I last talked to Ron he had 2 cars lined up to use in his demonstration. I hope to see you there.

Safe Travels,

Brian Golden