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Calendar of Events


June Board Meeting—Meeting will be run through email. To get on the thread, email Brian
Golden, bgolden71@msn.com

*June 10, Saturday 10 a.m. - Lyon's City Park picnic and tour.

*June 25, 11a.m. - Model T Sunday. Church of the Risen Lord, 27th St. and Champa, Denver.

*July 16th, Sunday, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.. Friends and Fords at the Fort. 3742 W. Princeton Cir.,
Fort Logan

Echo Park has requested we park at the Old Texas Roadhouse parking lot to the west.

* Designates a points tour*

Download calendar spreadsheet of planned events and tour partiipants for 2017 here:

Planned Events 2017

2017 Tour Participants

Here are instructions for securing the car signs to your Model T windows: Securing car sigs.pdf

Presidents Message For June 2017

Friends of the Model T:

The snow vanished and the clouds parted. The sun came out and 52 Model T Fords parked in
front of a vintage farmhouse in Brighton. Dana Holdaway planned, recruited cars, and pulled together an historic 50th anniversary picnic. If you were unable to attend please enjoy the pictures in this issue and watch for an article in the Vintage Ford.

The evening of May 26th found us at Lakeside amusement park for the monthly meeting and
potluck. The weather was perfect, with seven T’s wowing the masses, plus the odd classic
showing up here and there.

We had 4 cars participate in the Commerce City Memorial Day Parade this year. The crowds
were very large and they clearly enjoyed our cars.

Our first tour is scheduled Saturday, 6/10/2017. We will travel 36 miles one way to Lyons. Bring your T, follow the tour in a modern car or meet us in Lyons. Come join the fun with friends. We could sure do a couple of tours between now and when the snow flies.

Got any ideas?

For more information about chapter events please see the schedule on the webpage.

Safe Travels,

Brian Golden