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Calendar of Events


* Designates a points tour*

Download calendar spreadsheet of planned events and tour partiipants for 2018 here:

Planned Events 2018

Mile High Chapter MTFCA Event Sites



Here are instructions for securing the car signs to your Model T windows: Securing car sigs.pdf

Presidents Message For February 2018

Friends of the Model T:

The first version of the 2018 calendar will be on our webpage later this week. We will be holding Saturday lunch and General meetings for February, March and April this year.

I think most of the folks that have commented to me are pleased with General Meetings on Saturday rather than Friday nights. The Board will be discussing this change at our March meeting so let one of us know if you think we should schedule one or more General Meetings on the 4th Friday night of a future month later this year. We
are also putting together a list of places where we can hold meetings and other events. If you know a venue or a restaurant that can accommodate a group of 30 or more people in an area separated from other guests, please give us a call. Our goal is to have General meetings at locations throughout the metro area. The February General meeting will be at the Rosemary Café, 2231 So Sheridan. We will meet at 1:30p.m. The list of possible
event sites will also be on our webpage soon

So Far, we have 2 clinics planned this year, one in March and one in May. We are working on 2 tours and a swap meet and we plan on participating the car shows and parades we enjoyed last year. There is room on the calendar for more events so give you favorite Board member a call.

Thanks—Brian Golden