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Calendar of Events


*September 9, 8 am— Arvada Harvest Festival, Saturday. Meet at McDonalds on 53rd and Wadsworth.

*September 10, 10 am—All Fords Day #1, Sunday. Sheridan High School, 3201 W Oxford Ave.

September 15, 7 pm—Executive Board Meeting, Friday. Panera Bread on West 38th just east of Lowell. All members welcome!

September 16, 11-2—Car Show Saturday at O’Reilly Autoparts, 8966 W. Bowles Ave.

September 22, 7pm—General Meeting, Chili Night! Friday. Echo Park Automotive, 500 E 104th Ave. Use the west lot by the former steak house for parking.

*September 23, 9-3—All Fords Day #2, Saturday. Landmark Lincoln, 5000 S. Broadway.

*October 7, 10 am - 2 pm—Palmer Lake
Tour. Starts and ends at the Elizabeth Walmart. See page 5 for details.

October 14. – 9:30/10—Head gasket seminar, by Ron Jackson. 7644 Vance Dr., Arvada. Coffee and Donuts, 9:30. Seminar proper at 10.

* Designates a points tour*

Download calendar spreadsheet of planned events and tour partiipants for 2017 here:

Planned Events 2017

2017 Tour Participants

Here are instructions for securing the car signs to your Model T windows: Securing car sigs.pdf

Presidents Message For September 2017

Friends of the Model T:

We had a good turnout for Car Games and Jessie and Frank Canino did a fine job organizing the fun. Greg Giarratano won the Humpty Dumpty with such ease that Frank plans to “up the bumps” next year. Ron Jackson was the Best
Driver, backing, parking and weaving through cones in a blur. Jim Hinshaw flew through the limited obstacle course and Ron also won the award for Mr. Crank.

At the General Meeting Kim and Gary Giarratano’s daughter, Julie Shuman gave us a wonderful presentation about her visit to India. She shared some amazing slides and told us about her visit and her impressions of the Indian culture.
Jessie Canino reported that the Chapter has a balance of $2,133.59 as of 8/25/17.

On Saturday, September 9 is the Arvada Harvest Festival Parade. Check with Gary G. for more information. All Fords day at Sheridan High School is Sunday the 10 th . There is also an All Ford Product Car Show on Saturday the 23 rd at
Landmark Lincoln on South Broadway. It benefits St Jude’s hospital. There will be some nice prizes and free food. Participation is free but they do not have trailer parking. Call Harry Edwards at 970 381-3416 for more information.

Safe Travels,

Brian Golden