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Calendar of Events



Feb 24, Friday 7 p.m.—General Meeting Echo Park Automotive, 500 East 104th Ave., Thornton, CO.

February Board Meeting—This week Brian Golden will launch February’s board meeting using email. As always, any member is welcome. Ask Brian to be included on the email.

*March 25, Saturday—Kick-off Lunch and General Meeting.
Time and venue are in the planning stage.

April 25, Friday 7 p.m.—General Meeting Echo Park Automotive, 500 East 104th Ave., Thornton, CO.

*May 20, Saturday 11am-2pm—50th Anniversary Picnic Adams County Museum at the Adams County
Fairgrounds. 9601 Henderson Rd, Brighton, CO.

*May 26, Friday 6 p.m—Lakeside Amusement Park Night and General meeting. 4601 N. Sheridan Blvd..

*May 27, Monday 8 .m.—Commerce City Memorial Day Parade. Meet at MTS, 5850 Holly St. 80022.

Download calendar spreadsheet photo of planned events for 2017 here:

Events 2017 spreadsheet

Echo Park has requested we park at the Old Texas Roadhouse parking lot to the west.

* Designates a points tour*

**** Important Notice ****

Hey folks it is time to renew your membership to The Mile High Model T Club. Deadline is February 1st for the $30 dollar price.

      Click on this link Membership form

Here are instructions for securing the car signs to your Model T windows: Securing car sigs.pdf

Presidents Message For February 2017

Friends of the Model T:

The 50th Anniversary Banquet was held Saturday 1/28/17. This was the last event the 2016 Board offered to our
Chapter. It’s time to thank the 2016 for a job well done.

Gerry Hibbs, the Vice President and refreshments person did a great job. His goodies provided at meetings were so
good I thought that’s where the “vice” comes in. Chad Horner, the Treasurer did a great job keeping the books
balanced and the gift card supply ample. Mary Esterl our Secretary did a great job keeping us organized and keeping
our members informed about Chapter meetings. Greg, the award winning newsletter editor often came to our board
meetings with Mary and the two of them provided many great ideas. Frank Canino did a great job as Membership
Chairman and provided an email link to our members. Jessica often attended meetings with Frank and if memory
serves me she thought of Mimi’s where we held 2 lunch meetings. I had 2 great meals at those meetings.

I apologize for using so many “greats”. Fact is I had a great time and the 2016 Board had a lot to do with that.
The 2017 Board includes Gerry and Frank form 2016. Jessica and Gary Giarratano volunteered for the 2017
Board. I think 2017 is going to be excellent. The new year started with an NH carb clinic at Dave and
Marilyn Huson’s. We went thru the carb rebuild step by step and Dave provided lots of good tech information. We
got to meet several T owners from up north and had a nice lunch. Again this year, Dave put a lot of time and prep
work in getting everything set up. I think we had 21 people and Dave had carbs prepped for everyone. Thanks to
Dave for all he does for our Club.

Saint Thomas More was a lovely place for our Banquet. Mary and Greg’s suggestion. The Padre Café had plenty of
room for the 43 folks that attended the banquet. Heidi and Mark Patton signed folks in and passed out car signs and
hat pins. Mark brought the Chapter’s history books and we all had a chance to look back in time. I thought the meal
was very good and the time to catch up with friends was well spent. Gary Giarratano presented 50th Anniversary
commemorative awards to Dana and Rick Holdaway, Marilyn and Dave Huson, Paulette and Ron Jackson, Heidi
and Mark Patton and Kathy and Bill Weishaupl. Michelle Mann did a masterful job of distributing some chapter gifts
as well as some very nice gifts from Susan Yaeger the Executive Director of the MTFCA.

At the General Meeting on Friday, 2/24 at Echo Park it is “Model T Movie Night”. We will also discuss the schedule
for 2017 so please attend if possible to provide input.

The first draft of the schedule is on the web page.* If you have or can borrow a truck and trailer to move Ts
for members wanting to attend the Spring 50th Anniversary Picnic on May 20th please call me.

Lastly, at the January board meeting we discussed pulling together teams to help members who want some help starting
their T. We also discussed helping members who need to move a T to a safe location for driving practice. Please give me a call at 303 680-3727 if you would be interested in helping, could use some help, or just want to visit.

Safe Travels,

Brian Golden